Executive Board

Chris Pagliarella, Sometime President, and Dom Lawton

Chris Pagliarella, Sometime President (right), and Dominick Lawton, Sometime Speaker, at the debate “R: America’s Success Depends on Christianity” with guest Walter Russell Mead.

The YPU executive board is responsible for the day-to-day functions of the Union, a fully student-run undergraduate organization. Among many other tasks, board members invite speakers, manage finances, reach out to alumni and students, and run debates.

All YPU officers are capable and willing to answer any questions you may have about the Union. The officers for the Spring 2015 semester are as follows:

Elected Officers

Aia Sarycheva, IP (BR ’16) President
Ugonna Eze, CP (PC ’16) Speaker
Hugh Sullivan, IP (MC ’16) Vice President of Operations
Eliza Scruton, Libs (SY ’17) Vice President of Communications
Jingjing Xiao, CP (TD ’18) Director of Development
Clifford Carr, PoL (BR ’17) Floor Leader of the Left
Amalia Halikias, Tories (SM ’15) Floor Leader of the Right
Eddie Maza, PoL (ES ’18) Treasurer

Appointed Officers

Monica Hanratty, IP (TD ’18) Secretary
Emily Baczyk, Tory (SM ’17) Teller
Social Co-Chair
Social Co-Chair
Thao Do, IP (PC ’16) Press Secretary
Andrew Weiss, IP (DC ’17) Photographer
Aditya Sinha, CP (TC ’17) Webmaster


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