Federalist Party Resolutions

Below are some resolutions the Feds have recently debated:

4/15/14: Resolved: These are the Shortest, Gladdest Years of Life (Senior Debate)

4/2/14: Resolved: Women can’t have it all

3/26/14: Resolved: Abolish the minimum wage

3/5/14: Resolved: If you want my organs, you’ll have to pry them from my warm, dead body

2/28/14: Resolved: Burn the heretics (Alumni Debate)

2/19/14: Resolved: The Devil Wears Prada

2/12/14: Resolved: Bros before fine, upstanding young women

2/5/14: Resolved: Put down the death penalty

1/29/14: Resolved: Add theology to the common core

1/16/14:  Resolved: Circumstances make the man