Independent Party Resolutions

Below are some resolutions the IP has recently debated:

12/3/14 Resolved: Be an Excellent Sheep
11/12/14 Resolved: Sacrifice Isaac
10/29/14 Resolved: Call Me the Chair
10/15/14 Resolved: Big Sodas, Not Big Government
10/11/14 Resolved: Choose Your Death Date
10/1/14 Resolved: Universal Love is an Oxymoron
9/23/14 Resolved: It’s Art Because I Say It Is
9/13/14 Resolved: Don’t Appropriate My Cultural Symbols
9/10/14 Resolved: Sit for the Pledge of Allegiance
9/3/14 Resolved: Sort Elementary School Students by Ability
8/27/14 Resolved: Tear Gas the Ferguson Riots