Independent Party Resolutions

Below are some resolutions the IP has recently debated:

4/17/14: Resolved: Go West, Young Man

4/5/14: Resolved: Tradition

3/26/14: Resolved: Let species go extinct

3/6/14: Resolved: Fake it ’til you make it (Joke Debate)

2/26/14: Resolved: That the tree of liberty must be refreshed occasionally with blood

2/19/14: Resolved: Yale should reject massive open online courses

2/12/14: Resolved: Allow a nuclear Iran

2/5/14: Resolved: End beauty pageants

1/29/14:  Resolved: A right to live is a right to die

1/22/14: Resolved: That we’d rather be rich than equal

1/16/14:  Resolved: Leave abortion to the states


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