Party of the Left Resolutions

Below are resolutions the PoL has recently debated:

12/3/14 Resolved: Mandate Mixed-Gender Housing
11/19/14 Resolved: Let Man have Dominion over the Earth
11/12/14 Resolved: Wage No War but the Class War
11/5/14 Resolved: Beautify Cities
10/30/14 Resolved: Replace Welfare with Government Jobs
10/15/14 Resolved: This House Prefers Test Tubes to Fallopian Tubes
10/8/14 Resolved: The Arc of History Bends towards Justice
10/1/14 Resolved: Embrace a One-State Solution
9/24/14 Resolved: Build your Life around your Career
9/17/14 Resolved: Abolish Gifted Programs in Public Schools
9/10/14 Resolved: Ban Pornography
9/3/14 Resolved: Atheism is Progress
8/27/14 Resolved: Dismantle the U.S. Military