Party of the Left Resolutions

Below are resolutions the PoL has recently debated:

4/17/14: Resolved: Abolish private defense counsel 

4/9/14: Resolved: The freër the trade, the freër the people

4/2/14: Resolved: Free love is neither

3/29/14: Resolved: Dismantle the NSA (Alumni Debate)

3/5/14: Resolved: Dodge the draft

2/26/14: Resolved: Support the academic boycott of Israel

2/19/14: Resolved: The Leftist cannot love

2/12/14: Resolved: Abolish intellectual property

2/5/14: Resolved: Respect the sovereignty of democratic nations

1/22/14: Resolved: Ban Casinos

1/16/14: Resolved: Pope Francis is good for the Left


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