Tory Party Resolutions

Below are resolutions the Tories have recently debated:

4/15/14: Resolved: Secede from ‘the Union’

4/9/14: Resolved: Sign a Prenup

4/3/14: Resolved: Conservatives cannot be feminists

3/27/14: Resolved: What happens in Crimea stays in Crimea

2/27/14: Resolved: You are a citizen before a son

2/19/14: Resolved: Ideological purity gets you nowhere (Alumni Debate)

2/13/14: Resolved: Sign a pre-nup

2/7/14: Resolved: Loose lips sink ships

1/30/14: Resolved: Indulge while you’re young

1/23/14: Resolved: Let them eat hash brownies

1/16/14:  Resolved: Following your dreams is selfish


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