Weekly Party Events

Each week, the various parties hold discussions or debates on topics not necessarily related to the Union debate. The complete list of party events and their locations for the most recent week of party events can be found below.

The Liberal Party will be discussing “What and where should safe spaces be?” on Thursday, April 17th at 7:30pm in the Pierson Common Room (Contact: Matthew Massie)

The Party of the Left will be debating “Resolved: Abolish private defense counsel” on Thursday, April 17th at 7:30pm in the Chapter Room at 220 York Street (Contact: Juno Pinder)
The Independent Party will be debating “Resolved: Go West, Young Man” on Thursday, April 17th at7:30pm in the Branford Trumbull Room (Contact:Apurv Suman)
The Federalist Party will be having its Senior Debate on the topic “Resolved: These are the Shortest, Gladdest Years of Life” on Tuesday, April 15th at 8pm in the Berkeley Mendenhall Room (Contact: Anthony Tokman, or call (858) 205-3329)
The Conservative Party will be debatingTBA (Contact: Samuel Sussman)
The Tory Party will be debating “Resolved: Secede from ‘the Union’” on Tuesday, April 15th at 8pmin the English Market at 839 Chapel Street (Contact:Renee Breer)

The Party of the Right will be debating TBA (Contact: Courtney Hodrick)


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